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Military & Defense UX

Visual Logic provides human-centered design (HCD) consulting for DoD contractors who are modernizing software applications, building advanced vehicle dashboards, mission critical consoles, and demonstrating innovative research and development concepts.


Missile Defense System

Holistic UX Process

Established an entirely new User Experience (UX) for a 40-year old legacy missile defense system, optimizing for today’s modern warfighters. This multi-faceted UX project included; user research, system analysis, framework design, information architecture, visual design, interaction design and usability testing.

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Holistic UX Process with Focus on GUI Design

Created user-centric graphical user interface (GUI) for the Husky Mounted Detection System in-cab touch screen display to detect plastic IEDs.

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Minestalker: Humanitarian De-mining (HD) System

Holistic UX Process with Focus on GUI Design

Pioneered the new GUI used by the Minestalker vehicle deployed through the US Army CERDEC, assisting in humanitarian de-mining efforts in Angola and Cambodia. Touch-screen GUI with 3D subsurface threat visualization providing operators with confidence in counter-mine operations.

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Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Remote Interface

Holistic UX Process

Helped invent an experimental operator control unit (OCU) controlling a UGV for an Army operator. Using the UX process, created hardware and software interfaces for this program.


MineShark Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) & Metal Detector (MD)

Holistic UX Process with Focus on GUI Design and Development

Designed the GUI for NIITEK’s handheld GPR / MD detector used to identify metallic landmines and plastic IED’s. Technological advancements allowed operators to “see” buried explosives, ensuring a high degree of confidence in counter explosive operations.

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