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You want to create an experience people will love, right?

Whether it’s a product, a space, or a service, you want to delight your customers and leave them wondering how they ever lived without it. We want that for you, too.

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Getting to simple is hard.

Does this sound familiar?

Our team doesn’t know what to do next.

We want our product to succeed, but we’re spinning our wheels and need a push in the right direction.

We need more UX resources.

Our project has exploded, and we’ve exceeded capacity.

I want UX to differentiate my product.

Our product could impact the lives of many people, so usability has to be flawless.

Business Goals & Customer Happiness

Effective UX strategy strikes the right balance.

Every decision is a balancing act that requires thoughtful considerations of the competing interests of business, engineering, and your customers.

Our carefully-planned process brings your customer’s voice to the table and gives your team valuable insights that will help you make confident, data-driven product decisions.

When tension is high, our process helps find the balance.

How we do it

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We’ll work together.

Visual Logic’s philosophy is to be transparent, provide candid feedback, and collaborate with our clients. We’ll work side-by-side with you to solve challenging problems because we always have you and your customers’ best interests in mind.

Who we are

We've been there.

Pleasing your customers is hard. We get that. It’s not just about making sure the product works, it’s about making sure they have a pleasant experience coming into your store, talking with your customer support, or navigating through your website.

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We've made an impact.

We’ve helped clients like John Deere and the U.S. Military achieve success by understanding their users and designing useful, usable, and desirable solutions. We know how to create products that matter—and that users love.

How we do it

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Why UX is worth the investment


Is User Experience Worth It?

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Make your customers happy

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