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Carolyn Herman

Director of UX Training & Senior UX Researcher

Carolyn, Director of UX Training & Senior UX Researcher at VLG, loves data and how it can be applied to make systems better. Investigating academic and industry studies on user behaviors and trends, she brings numbers to the design team to help them make data-based decisions. Carolyn also travels near and far to conduct usability studies, bringing back qualitative and quantitative data to the clients and the VLG team. When she’s not reading research articles, she’s mining our usability study spreadsheets for trends and patterns.

Carolyn has a master’s degree in human factors and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to joining Visual Logic, Carolyn worked as an Avionics Systems Engineer for Rockwell Collins, and as a Design Engineer for Caterpillar and John Deere. Always thinking of solutions, she’s constantly e-mailing herself ideas for inventions and apps.

When not working at VLG, Carolyn and her husband Mark are busy turning their 10-acre ranch into a modern homestead and deer paradise. She is eagerly awaiting the day when they add chickens and goats to the property.

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    Was once on Wheel of Fortune, and won!
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    Has a cat named Harry Larry that she got as a kitten from Matt.
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    Favorite foods: sushi and ice cream. Probably not together.

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