A Case Study

Tabcorp increased business with user-centered design thinking.

Tabcorp recognized that disruption was occuring in their industry.

Tabcorp is one of the world’s largest publicly listed gaming companies. Last year, they generated over $2 billion in revenue, primarily through physical gaming machines. An emerging online market prompted them to shift focus to their online presence.

Tabcorp: Before Tabcorp's original online betting tool wasn't much different than a spreadsheet.

Stakeholders recognized their biggest issue—that their interactive experience didn’t match the quality of their brand—but they needed help pinpointing why. Accenture, Tabcorp’s business consultant, invited us to partner with them. After some user research, we noticed it was cumbersome and difficult to learn. We even saw users struggle just to place a bet; a sure bet that Tabcorp’s latest venture was in trouble.

"Tabcorp’s original look wasn’t much different than a spreadsheet, and it’s hard to draw in people with rows of data. We included custom graphics, brighter colors, and compelling interactions to recreate the experience of being at the sporting event."

Nick Bray
Director of UX Design

Understanding the User

Living the gaming experience.

To truly understand the customer’s real gambling experience—his betting strategy and the environment—we spent research time at a horse track observing the pace, taking in the atmosphere, and placing our own bets. We saw a constant flow of people moving from the stand to the register, everyone thinking on their feet. Experienced customers placed complex wagers, while novices had a tendency to be more conservative—a takeaway that informed one of the key features of our final design: multiple ways to place a bet.

The goal was to create an online experience to not only streamline betting, but to mirror the exhilaration of in-person gambling.

Tabcorp: After
The new solution was much simplier and a lot more fun to use.

"Our research helped us understand how exhilarating the track can be. It’s intense, fast-paced and there is no time to second-guess yourself. We knew the site had to make people feel the same way."

Andy Van Fleet
Partner & UX Strategist

Measuring Results

Our UX design helped Tabcorp triple their online transactions.

Tabcorp’s initiative to improve its site’s user experience has paid dividends. Transactions have more than tripled from 600 to nearly 2,000 per second.

Tabcorp: UX Results

Online transactions per second

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