UX Academy

UX Academy

We’ll help you build a strong foundation in user experience design.

UX Academy is a year-long training program for college students and recent graduates. We designed this program to help you build a strong foundation in user experience.

Our program will supplement your college degree and fill in some of the gaps that are missing from many traditional design, communications, or software development programs.

We’ve found that the best way to learn something is to do it. We’ll teach you about UX, but we’ll also give you a chance to put that knowledge into practice. Under our guidance, you will work on an end-to-end UX project. At the end of the program you will leave with a comprehensive portfolio piece that you can use to demonstrate your skills to a prospective employer.

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Why should you consider a career in

User Experience?

UX Professionals Are Happy
UX work is challenging, but rewarding. UX professionals have a chance to do things that help improve lives. According to a study by the Nielsen Norman Group, UX professionals rated their job satisfaction at an average of 5.4 on a scale of 1 – 7.

UX Professionals Make More Money
UX professionals typically earn more than other entry-level design professions like graphic designers or web designers. (According to nationwide averages reported on Payscale.com)

UX Professionals Are in High Demand
Based on research by the Nielsen Norman Group, there are around 50,000 UX professionals in the world, but the demand for qualified professionals may be in excess of 7 million.

Build a strong foundation in UX

What You'll Get

25 Lessons

Our experienced team will teach lessons on important UX topics. You will build a great foundation for pursuing a career in user experience.

Textbook & Materials

We provide a textbook and all learning materials you will need.

Hands-on Experience

There is no subsitute for hands-on experience. Throughout the year, you will apply what you learn in class to a real end-to-end UX project.

Portfolio Piece

You’ll create a comprehensive portfolio piece to showcase your skills.

Certificate of Completion

When you reach the finish line, you’ll have a certificate that you can proudly display on your wall to mark your accomplishment.

Earn a Recommendation

At the end, if you’re among the best, you may earn a letter of recommendation and a chance for a paid internship.

UNI students who enroll in UX Academy may be able to earn college credits! Contact us to learn more.

What you'll learn

Program Schedule


09/01/2016 How We Work
09/08/2016 What is UX?


09/15/2016 Human Factors
09/22/2016 Consumer Psychology
09/29/2016 Customer Research
10/06/2016 Personas
10/13/2016 Mental Models and Context Scenarios
10/20/2016 User Research Project Critique/Review


10/27/2016 Information Architecture
11/03/2016 Framework
11/10/2016 Wireframing
11/17/2016 Personality in Design
11/24/2016 No Class (Thanksgiving Break)
12/01/2016 High Fidelity
12/08/2016 Pixel Perfect, Icon Design & Asset Formats
Winter Break
01/12/2017 Mobile Design
01/19/2017 Design Project Critique/Review


01/26/2017 Communicating & Collaborating
02/02/2017 Future Friendly Design
02/09/2017 Prototyping
02/16/2017 Coding
02/23/2017 Build Project Critique/Review


03/02/2017 Usability Testing Part I
03/09/2017 Usability Testing Part II
03/16/2017 No Class (Spring Break)
03/23/2017 Usability Testing Part III
03/30/2017 Project Studio Session
04/06/2017 Project Studio Session
04/13/2017 Project Presentations
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