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Sarah Buzynski

Senior UX Designer

Sarah is a UX Designer who values purposeful communication. Luckily for her, she gets to immerse herself in it daily through purposeful design.

Sarah collaborates with the VLG team to make complex problems seem easy and intuitive. She gets fulfillment out of digging to the root of design problems, revealing the bigger issue, and therefore providing a solution richer than what the initial requirements mandated.

Sarah’s degree is in graphic design, and she has a marketing background. If asked if she misses the marketing scene, she’d explain how she’s still contributing to marketing by designing products with evident value.

Outside of work, Sarah and her husband sweat it out at a local CrossFit gym. Any remaining free time seems to revolve around food: trying new recipes, seeking out coffee-flavored ice cream, and once-a-week pizza indulgences.

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    Dubbed a “word smith.” In reality, she just makes up words and hopes they stick.
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    Married James Bond—well, close. A Daniel Craig look-alike.
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    Proud to be lead guitarist in an air band.

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