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  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Design
  • Build
  • User Testing
  • Strategy

    First thing’s first: acknowledge that we’re performing a balancing act. When you decide to work with us, we’ll ask you to do a lot of talking. We need to be educated about your business goals, known engineering constraints, and the pull each has on product decisions. Then we’ll introduce a third factor—the customer’s voice. User research findings often times rock the business boat just a bit. It’s likely that a [healthy] tension will surface between the three interests. Together, we’ll define what it looks like to be adequately sensitive to business challenges without trampling the user / customer experience. The goal is elevate the customer’s voice to the point where it can play in the same game as business and engineering objectives. After all, to be successful from a business standpoint, your product has to resonate with customers.

  • Research

    To create a meaningful experience for your end users, we have to learn about them as humans—beyond demographics. While you can share high-level information about your customers with us, research is imperative to get a sense for the nuances that would distinguish your product or service as the standard. User research inevitably reveals contextual variables and pain points that would otherwise be missed. It also rectifies any false notions the team has about the user or the design problem. As a result, we can build an experience that capitalizes on your product’s biggest opportunities.

  • Design

    The design phase is where the project begins to take shape, and it stokes excitement for everyone involved. In the beginning, it’s less like design as you might imagine it, and more like a stretch of strategic thinking that is guided by our research findings (similar to an architect’s process for designing a house). We “think out loud” on the whiteboard as we explore solutions and vet each idea with various scenarios. It’s not until we’re confident that the design flow aligns with your users’ goals that we start “decorating the house,” or making the product beautiful—an essential step to the process. Attractive systems consistently receive higher usability scores than their less-appealing counterparts. Besides, life is too short to live in an ugly world.

  • Build

    We provide a prototype to your development team to ensure technical feasibility and serve as a blueprint for the intended design (but if you need our help building out the product, we know our way around desktop and mobile platforms). A designed product should be experienced and tested in working form before it’s built for production. The benefits of a developed prototype don’t stop there. It also serves as a final design check. Without seeing the design in context, it’s hard to get a feel for how its features play together. Finally, a working prototype supports pre-release user testing.

  • User Testing

    Seventy percent of all software projects fail because they struggle to gain and sustain user acceptance, and it’s usually because the product doesn’t cater to customer needs. You can beat that statistic by getting your product in front of users before you release it. We facilitate user tests to expose unforeseeable usability problems that only human interaction can reveal. We test products early on so you can rest assured your product is usable. And this doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor—testing with as few as five people can identify 85% of major usability problems.

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Companies that prioritize UX see 14.4% more repeat purchases.

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