You look forward to moments like this, busting out that new product from the well-crafted and rich-looking packaging. You’ve been thinking about owning it for a while now, but you finally decided to pull the trigger. You’re using it for the very first time, and you can’t get that grin off of your face. It’s that favorite new thing you bought, and you’re excited to use it.

There’s a real excitement that comes when you get to use a product you love, whether it’s a new piece of technology, a new thermostat for your home or even a diaper bag. Things that make your life easier are easy to love, and products generate that kind of excitement are generally built with the user in mind.

Those untrained in UX might not be able to put their finger on what exactly makes a product so lovable. Creating a product that becomes a user’s go-to recommendation in a certain category is  the culmination of meticulous design and research. When we spot one of these products ourselves, we feel like we would be doing the world a disservice to not mention them to our friends. So here are the products that made the cut for this series of “Products We Love.”

Nest Protect

Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest first broke onto the scene in 2011 with their Learning Thermostat. With beautiful design and user experience at the forefront, they were one of the first movers in the home automation scene. Now, five years later, they have a home system called Nest Protect which we love.

This product was basically love at first sight. The clean, well-designed packaging was the first clue that it had been well designed. The self-described “smoke alarm other alarms look up to” is a smart, industrial-grade smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector that can be controlled wirelessly by your phone. The connectivity is what makes this product so great. You can quickly and easily see where an alarm is going off and the cause, even if you aren’t at home. Another nifty feature:  Nest Protect has a pathway feature that lights up when you walk underneath it, which is very handy in the middle of the night.

The small details and thoughtfulness that went into this product are what makes us love it. Nest is bringing home safety into a user’s paradise.  Who would have thought someone could put the sexy back in a smoke alarm?  

Lily Jade Diaper Bag

We want to bring attention to products that aren’t necessarily technological advances or smartphone applications. Anything in your life can be well designed with usability in mind, which is why we want to highlight a product that’s making parents lives easier all over the world: the Lily Jade Diaper Bag.

This bag is unlike many other diaper bags on the market.  If you’re looking for a bag that fits organization and cleanliness needs, while also being aesthetically pleasing, give this bag a look. Many other bags on the market are unmistakeable. They scream diaper bag louder than a crying infant. But this bag has a thoughtful design, with three different ways it can be carried, and it comes with a removable organizer that is machine washable.  Stylish and flexible, the Lily Jade bag solves every parent’s need by being smart and effortless.  

Both of these products have important utilitarian function, but they have been designed in a way that is useful, usable, and desirable. That’s what makes them products we love.