We’re always keeping tabs on the best user experiences out there. As you’ll see in this edition of Products We Love, examples with great UX are everywhere—from recreation equipment to task management tools. These products may fall on opposite ends of the product spectrum, but they do have three things in common: they are useful, usable, and desirable. The products that we highlight have beautiful UX design. 

La Sportiva “Solution” Climbing Shoe

Should you ever find yourself bouldering a section of mountain, sheer respect for heights should motivate you to get the best climbing equipment available. La Sportiva clearly designs for the climber, presumably aiming to deliver a comfortable and confident climbing experience.

Those of you less likely to be found mountainside may not know that snug-fitting shoes are überimportant for stability, flexibility, and support. The problem with many climbing shoes today is that the essential snug fit eventually causes discomfort. One of the best design features of the La Sportiva Climbing Shoe is the “toe box” (think: the part of the shoe where your toes sit). It is designed to distribute weight across the entire shoe, which reduces any pain inflicted when stretching for that next hold. Additionally, La Sportiva designed a “Lock Harness System” (think: a strap that wraps around your heel) for an extra-secure fit). The Lock Harness is separate from the shoe, so the climber gets that additional support —and it’s no harder to get the shoe on and off. These features tick the boxes of useful and useable… and the fact that the shoe can hook onto any climbing hold you might encounter makes it very desirable. Think of it this way: when Spider-Man goes shoe shopping, this is what he buys.  


There are a slew of task management apps in the marketplace today, but what we’ve found is that most are nothing special. If you’re looking for a product that will help you accomplish all of your to-do’s and deliver a satisfying user experience, look no further than Wunderlist. This app struck us as one of the best tools for task management to date.

We love a simple transition between devices. Wunderlist scores big with its simple information architecture and a refined design. Android, iOS, or desktop,  you can count on a consistent experience. 

Home is where the heart list is. The Wunderlist home screen is all about your to-do lists. You can easily navigate between lists, and task details are always accessible: the due date, reminders, sub-tasks, notes, photos, and comments. While those features make Wunderlist useful and usable, what really makes this app desirable is the collaboration features. We use it to effortlessly assign tasks, share and email lists, and leave comments for our teammates.

In addition to its sleek navigation and features, Wunderlist has effectively created a framework that can support product evolution. With each release, Wunderlist uses non-obtrusive onboarding to show us how they’ve made improvements to help us manage our busy lives.

The creators of Wunderlist wanted to provide an application that improves the way people manage tasks—and thanks to their commitment to goal-directed design, we think they can proudly check that off their list.

Making a product useful, usable, and desirable isn’t easy. Everything—even climbing shoes and checklist applications—imposes an experience upon a user. If a product is going to be successful and gain a following, that experience better be a good one. These companies have put the user first, and that is how they’ve made a product we love.