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UX Feeds Billions

It’s about untapped potential. The ability to use our agricultural land more efficiently and our resources more intelligently is within reach. Now, more than ever, we need to do more with less.

By 2050, the global population will exceed 9 billion people.

UX Saves Lives

Children play on deceptively safe ground, unaware of the dangers buried below: IEDs, mines, unexploded shells. The light steps of a child—or the weight of a massive military vehicle—can trigger these mechanical monsters.

An estimated 670,000 mines have been laid in Afghanistan.

UX Makes Money

The bell rings, the gate flies open. The hooves thunder, the crowd roars. Engaging people at the track is easy, but as the world becomes increasingly digitized, we need to engage audiences everywhere. A captivating experience means more money in your pocket.

The online gaming industry has quadrupled in the last 10 years.

Create a Meaningful Experience

Every day, you’re faced with situations that require decision and response. Your alarm goes off: you spring out of bed to Van Morrison’s “Days Like This,” or you tap snooze. Your phone rings during your afternoon commute: you accept the call hands-free, or you let it go to voicemail. You’ve had a long day: you make an easy recipe you pinned last weekend, or you leave the day behind and sip wine at your favorite restaurant. Every experience affects our happiness, safety or emotional well-being. Our purpose as UX designers is to support your decisions and responses and enhance your everyday life.

UX is Useful

Something is useful when it satisfies a customer need. Take the chair, for instance. Although it has evolved, you will always need a place to sit.

UX is Usable

Would you sit on a metal folding chair for a nine-hour work day? Of course not. It’s cold, it’s hard, and it lacks optimal ergonomics. It’s not very usable in a work setting.

UX is Desirable

The lounger is more desirable for many reasons: It’s aesthetically pleasing, inviting and promises luxury.

How do we make things useful, usable, and desirable?

We understand people. In order to help people work smarter, we need to know the “why” before we can fix the “what”. So we dig in by uncovering their goals, witnessing their long-cuts, and feeling their frustrations. Empathy is at the core of our process, and it’s a defining quality of our team and business philosophy. It’s what makes us great at creating meaningful experiences.





UX: Making the case

Why is UX so critical to product and service design? Because your competition is fierce. Consumers are faced with endless choices and UX has become the differentiator. UX gets people excited and creates organic momentum—think Ellen’s Twitter photo at the Oscars, or the instant backlash felt when Netflix split its services. Beyond that, UX is responsible for the best products and company revivals in the last few decades. Your user experience is your brand.


Companies that prioritize UX see 14.4% more repeat purchases.


Brands with a UX strategy build loyalty; 15.8% fewer customers consider doing business elsewhere.


Customers are 16% more likely to recommend brands with high UX scores.

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